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River Benefits National Pharmacy Program

River Benefits Consulting Group has worked hard to bring you affordable insurance and compliance solutions. Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, we have seen a dramatic increase in deductible, copayments and prescription drug costs. As a result, employers are being stretched with higher premiums while employees pay much higher out of pocket costs. River Benefits Consulting Group is pleased to announce the:

River Benefits National Pharmacy Program.

The RBNPP partners with Simple Fill, an organization that works with multiple manufacturers to help lower the high costs of prescription medications for it's members. Simple Fill has 100's of medications and vendors that they work with, all in the United States!

How does it work?

Enrollees that meet the manufacturer requirements can receive qualifying medication at the set price of:

  • $45 per month for the first medication and $85 per month (total) for the next 2-5 prescriptions.

    • Online Enrollments
    • 24 hour response from an advocate
    • After enrolling, Simplefill will send both you and your Health Care Provider(s) an Enrollment Packet to review, sign and return. After you and your healthcare providersreturn your Enrollment Packet to our office, Simplefill will review your application and make sure all information is correct and completed before submitting to the Patient Assistance Programs or a Reimbursement program depending on your situation. The entire enrollment process takes approximately 3-5 weeks.
    • Our Services include:
    • We look at each patient’s situation as unique and research the best option for each individual.
    • We don’t just sent out generic paperwork. We help our patients apply and complete their applications into the available Prescription Assistance Programs
    • We help patients find other options for their expensive generic medications by researching brand name medications that are similar and that are available for assistance.
    • We research alternative funding programs based on your illness
    • We maintain, manage and service your medications so you don’t need to worry
    • We closely monitor the health care industry to understand how the changes in the healthcare environment may affect you
    • If eligible, we enroll our patients in the Social Security Extra Help Program
    • If you wish to have your application reviewed immediately, call us! 1-877-386-0206 x 1


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